This collection of stories shows how love can save a person. Will they survive the attacks of the jealous and possessive? Will their relationships be intact when it is all said and done? They all discover how love works as they go through challenges. They feel immediate attraction when they finally find the love they have been searching for.

Please follow the lives of Michael and Marie in My Dream to My Nightmare. They are hunted by possession and diverted identity.
Katie and Travis as they fight jealousy in Love.
Sarah and Scott as they fight a stalker from the past in Loved Twice.
Seth and Jamie as they battle the dark past in The Love That Saved Me.
Dawn and Jason as they discover their friendship goes deeper in A Best Friends Love.
Tori and Ryan as the love they share is started by surprise in A Surprise Love.
Sean and Ashlee as they rekindle a forgotten attraction in Love in The Rain.